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Amy L. Byrd
Artist Statement
Byrd's Art Glass

There is something magical to me about glass that provided a form of meditation I never knew existed. From the moment I start working with the molten glass all time stops and worries dissolve away. Opening the kiln the next day to see my own work can feel like opening gifts on Christmas when I was a kid. I am mostly inspired by nature and the world around me. I am primarily self taught in lampworking, spending most nights and weekends practicing for 12 years while doing Computer Support as a career. I started taking workshops on techniques at an event called Glass Stock West where I would spend a week exchanging and learning from other glass artists. It's like summer camp for artists! I found myself saving paid time off to travel to glass events for education, networking and potential sales. I am now a full time artist and passionate about expanding my skills and knowledge. I look forward to creating and watching my work evolve.

All of my flamework glass is created using the flame of a torch that runs on Oxygen and Propane. I primarily work in Borosilicate glass. I have done furnace work and other soft glass Flamework / Lampwork beads and marbles.

Most of my work starts with a clear rod that colors are added to and manipulated in the flame using various tools, often graphite for marbles or a knife/razor blade for sculpting. Once the glass item is finished in the flame it is placed into a kiln to slowly cool over several hours and become "annealed", a process which ensures the glass molecules are stabilized during cooling eliminating any potential stress that would cause breakage. Once the items are done with the annealing process they are ready to be signed with a pen that deposits Titanium on the glass and then it is ready for purchase. (Most items are signed ALB).

Thanks for taking the time to see my work,

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